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Trope comes from the Greek word, tropos, which means a “turn”, as in heliotrope, a flower which turns toward the sun. We can imagine a trope as a way of turning a word away from its normal meaning, or turning it into something else.

- “Trope,” Wikipedia

Trope is a collection of Greasemonkey scripts. Trope scripts are active on sites utilizing user-generated tags to organize content and information into a folksonomy such as Flickr, del.icio.us, CiteULike, and Technorati. Trope places small links next to tags on these pages (Flickr and del.icio.us are currently supported) which allow you to search for these same tags on the other services.

How To Install Trope

You can start using this script by:

  1. Installing the Mozilla Firefox browser;
  2. Installing the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox;
  3. Installing Trope for del.icio.us and/or Trope for Flickr.

A special thanks to Joey Rozier for his incredibly useful and very instructive Multi-Tag Search From Photo Page script, and to Paolo Massa for his Identity Burro script.

Educational Rationale

  • Universal Design for Learning: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is based on neurological research and imaging. The learning brain is divided into three interconnected networks: recognition (how one takes in the world), strategic (how one orders the world), and affect (how one connects–e.g., emotionally–with the world). One seminal idea behind UDL is the idea of multiple modes or media of representation. Trope supports information centered around a specific tag to be rendered in multiple modes, i.e., photographs (Flickr), resources in the form of web pages (del.icio.us), podcasts in the form of spoken words and/or music (Odeo), and (often) written work in the form of blogs (Technorati) or academic sources (CiteULike).
  • Connectivism: Connectivism is billed as a learning theory for the networked world. It recognizes that information is often stored in nebulous chaotic networks, and learning is the sifting and evaluating of this knowledge in a social and communal framework. Trope serves as a conduit focused on the tag between the five knowledge managers (Flickr, del.icio.us, Odeo, CiteULike, and Technorati).
  • More to come…

Use Case

More to come…


To Do List

  • Add functionality on Odeo and CiteULike pages
  • Condense all Trope scripts into one “mega”-Trope script
  • Add show/hide or a floating div for displaying the linked logos rather than having all linked logos displayed for every link on the page (e.g., pop-up floating div when mouse-over a taglink that also disappears when no longer over the tag link)
  • Transform from Greasemonkey scripts to Firefox extension and allow the user to choose the various sites they want to search through

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  1. ycc2106 says:

    Is the link broken?
    I can’t install it either here or at user.js

    WTB, What’s your Preferred Social Bookmark Manager?

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